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Transitioning to Self-Guided Tours: How to Get Your OSC Team Up to Speed

By UTour Digital Media Team on Apr 21, 2021 12:21:33 PM

After taking note of changing consumer behavior and having to adapt to the added pressure of selling new homes safely during a pandemic, your company might be one of many that have invested in self-guided home tours this past year. Congratulations! But now, like many, you might find yourself responsible for incorporating this self-service option into your sales funnel. Stress not — UTour is here to help.  

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3 min read

Which Self-Guided Tour Enhancement Is Best for Your Business?

By UTour Digital Media Team on Apr 16, 2021 12:49:07 PM

With some of the biggest names in home building and resale homes alike adopting self-guided home tours, it’s clear that self-service solutions are quickly becoming the norm for how people shop for a home. Today, builders across North America are allowing shoppers to self-tour their models and inventory homes to great acclaim. But — like with anything in customer service — along with every solution, a new challenge is sure to emerge. How can a builder ensure each home shopper receives a consistent, quality experience during the self-guided tour? How can a builder control the flow of information that their shoppers are receiving as they go about their tour unassisted?

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2 min read

Overcoming Sales Avoidance with UTour Voice

By UTour Digital Media Team on Feb 25, 2021 12:15:52 PM

From seeking a digital-first experience for browsing new home plans to signing remote contracts, today’s new home buyer behavior is often boiled down to one driving attribute — sales avoidance. It’s how they prefer to shop for everything else, so why not a new home? Most buyers, and especially millennial homebuyers, do not want to go through a one-on-one siloed experience with a salesperson. They want instant access. They want convenience. They want transparency. That’s where UTour comes in, providing instant access to schedule and tour a home on their terms.  

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4 min read

UTour’s New Home Marketing Essentials in 2021

By UTour Digital Media Team on Jan 19, 2021 11:06:42 AM

When the nation was thrust into social distancing in early 2020, few homebuilders were prepared. The home shopping experience that consumers demand had already begun to shift, but COVID-19 and the necessity of social distancing accelerated the process.

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