Home shoppers seek an immersive experience, and builders must provide more active involvement than any other industry requires. This translates to consistent outreach and deliberate, meaningful touchpoints with the home shopper every step of the way. Even still, there are some friction points throughout the process. It’s the responsibility of the builder to overcome these for a seamless sales experience.Something we hear often is that there are fewer in-person community visits than anticipated relative to online traffic. Read on to hear what research has to say about this phenomenon, and how UTour can be the missing piece to more on-site traffic: 

Fewer People Visiting In Person?  

Alternatively, you could be seeing less on-site traffic than expected. This was common among home builders prior to the summer of 2020, and the topic has sparked industry research. In a 2020 study, Zillow identified that 59% of new home buyers prefer to tour homes in person, yet the industry average for converting eLeads to an on-site appointment is averaging just 30%. A survey we conducted in 2019 identified one potential reason for this disparity: A survey we conducted in 2019 identified one potential reason for this disparity: 51% of new home shoppers surveyed indicated that the standard sales center hours did not work for their busy schedules. Zillow’s report also concluded that 64% of home shoppers “prefer to self-tour without an agent or sales rep when experiencing a home for the first time.”

Boost On-Site Visit Rates

Both of these obstacles to on-site traffic — inconvenient hours and salesperson avoidance — can be easily overcome by implementing self-guided tours. UTour opens the door for availability that accommodates your home shoppers, with both early morning and late evening self-tour options. But longer hours don’t mean increased staffing costs because your sales team won’t need to guide the home shoppers after hours. Our platform combines on-demand unattended access, AI-powered voice and chatbot technologies, and smart home security to create a relaxed environment where visitors can self-tour new homes on their terms and without the pressure from a salesperson.

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