New homes already have a lengthy sales funnel. Couple this with the unique expectations of each home shopper and you get a dynamic where potential issues can easily arise if not careful. While hurdles in the sales process are common, they are also avoidable. By implementing additional protocol ahead of time, you can ensure a more positive overall experience — both for your home shoppers and your sales team.

COVID-19 has been a hot topic for over a year now. With vaccines in place, many people are more comfortable returning to pre-pandemic interactions. However, some consumers are still nervous and will need reassurance when it comes to their personal safety. Here’s how UTour can make home shopping viable for these individuals:

Home Shoppers Have Lingering COVID-19 Concerns?

Though restrictions are starting to lift in most areas, COVID-19 has created a lasting impact on consumer behavior. Maintaining certain safety protocols will still be a top priority, as home builders are responsible for keeping both home shoppers and sales teams healthy. This includes maintaining self-guided tours as an option for those who are immunocompromised or simply exercising added caution as the world rebounds from the pandemic. 

Offer a Safe, Comfortable Home Shopping Experience

While the arrival of COVID-19 was a big catalyst for the quick transition to self-guided home tours, this technology was already available and being introduced even before 2020. Given the strict social distancing rules at the height of the pandemic, unattended access became the safe alternative that the industry needed. Following its large-scale adoption over the past year, self-guided tours aren’t going anywhere — now home shoppers know that this technology exists and now expect it as part of their new home search. 

This is the third of four major problems we see permeating the homebuilding industry today. Stay tuned to learn about the final issue, or read about how UTour helps solve the first two on our blog.