From start to finish, selling a new home is a very involved process. Home shoppers expect guidance and reassurance, but most importantly they want it to be on their terms. This can be difficult to navigate and there are several common pitfalls over the course of a new home journey. But if you know the problem ahead of time and implement a scalable, repeatable solution then you can avoid these potential conflicts.

One issue that many builders can understand is staffing the community with reliable salespeople. And even if you find the right fit, they can’t work all hours of the week. UTour can be the key to creating a schedule that works for your team and your home shoppers: 

Trouble Finding Experienced Sales Professionals? 

Nothing is more important than having quality salespeople. In the eyes of the home shopper, they are the face for the home builder — and the trusted guide the home shopper needs when searching for a new home. Experienced sales professionals are essential in the new home industry. But the best talent is often expensive and many simply don’t want to work every weekend — a requirement for new home sales. Inexperienced salespeople bring a separate set of issues, namely costly training efforts that still leave them with limited industry knowledge. 

Rely Less on Sales Team Availability 

UTour’s platform provides a scalable, repeatable solution that will accommodate your team’s schedule without compromising sales success. In lieu of staffing the models with untrained temps or part-time sales assistants, self-guided tours can be utilized for the entire day on weekdays when the community sales manager(s) is off.

Craft a Custom Solution for Your Communities

For communities with multiple models in various sections in the same community (i.e., they are NOT all located next to each other in a model home park), create a “sales hub” in one of the model homes that will occupy your sales team. The remaining models can be converted to fully self-guided tours, thus reducing the staffing needs of the community. You can even use this tactic if you have multiple communities in one area, only staffing one to serve as your local “hub.”

At UTour, our goal is to help home builders solve the sales and marketing challenges of today and tomorrow. While we’ve identified four current industry problems above, we never stop innovating to help builders tackle new obstacles fueled by changes in consumer behavior, technology and the housing market. That’s why our mission is to disrupt the status quo to make home shopping easier, smarter and more efficient — helping builders sell more homes and making it easier for home shoppers to find their dream homes.

This is the second of four major problems we see permeating the homebuilding industry today. Read about the first issue and stay tuned to learn about two more — plus how UTour can help solve them — on our blog.