As the market dramatically shifted over the past few months, a heightened focus on new lead generation is now the main topic of conversation for most home builders. While the default theme of these discussions is centered around “more leads” — and yes, we need to fill the sales funnel continuously — an assessment of lead quality is equally important.

I Need MORE Traffic

This common mantra of most new home sales teams is not necessarily wrong but rather shortsighted when centered solely on volume. Since home buyers start their home search online, the majority of new leads are derived from digital marketing and advertising. While lead generation is the fundamental measurement of success for most home builders, the lead information provided by most sources (including your website) is not very insightful. 

Let’s review the typical information available on a new lead from your website or a 3rd-party source, such as an internet listing service (ILS):

  1. Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Phone (often optional)
  4. Community of Interest

Let me be clear; I’m not stating that this type of lead information is not valuable, but rather to demonstrate that you don’t know very much about this lead.

Quality, Verified Leads

When a home shopper clicks the “Schedule a Self-Tour” button via your website or an integrated ILS listing such as Zillow, they are directed to a white-labeled portal to select a date and time to self-tour the home. As part of the self-tour scheduling process, UTour requires each visitor to register and verify their identity with a government-issued photo ID (e.g., driver’s license) or a credit/debit card. In addition, we also require authentication of their mobile phone number. 

This visitor registration allows UTour to provide a comprehensive data record for every visitor. This record includes verified direct contact information — including their current address, email and mobile phone number — and their home preferences based on their self-tour history, such as tour duration and engagement with the automated voice and text assistants. And best of all, they personally toured your homes!

Nurturing Engagement

Once self-guided touring is activated in the models and inventory homes, UTour’s fully-integrated platform will make life easier for your sales managers. They’ll have access to all verified visitor data (integrated seamlessly into CRMs, such as Salesforce, Hubspot and LassoCRM), and the platform will automatically deploy visitor engagement messages to encourage the visitor to contact the salesperson during or after the tour.

Within minutes of entering the home, the self-tour visitor receives an automated text message via their smartphone, introducing them to a community salesperson to encourage engagement during or after the tour. Once the tour is over, automated nurturing emails and text messages are sent to the visitor to discuss the next steps (i.e., a virtual or in-person sales appointment). 

UTour is designed to make life easier for both home shoppers and home builders to generate verified leads, as well as chart a clear course for nurturing and converting home shoppers to personal sales appointments. Utilizing self-guided tours will ensure your sales teams have a steady stream of new quality leads that have already completed their initial discovery and are ready to go further in the process.  

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