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UTour’s Showcase at the 2024 NAHB International Builders’ Show

By UTour Digital Media Team on Feb 16, 2024 1:06:04 PM

As the heart of innovation in the new home industry, UTour is excited to participate in the 2024 NAHB International Builders’ Show. This premier event gathers the most influential minds and decision-makers in the new home industry. UTour is returning to the show floor to connect, share and inspire in this unparalleled environment for networking and learning opportunities. Here’s what you need to know to make the most of UTour’s offering at this year’s event.

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Revolutionizing Home Tours: Harnessing the Power of UTour's AI Assistants

By UTour Digital Media Team on Jan 19, 2024 2:08:49 PM

In the dynamic landscape of today's real estate market, blending cutting-edge technology with unparalleled customer service is not just a passing trend, but a groundbreaking revolution. UTour is leading this transformation, providing an innovative, tech-centric approach to self-guided home tours. UTour empowers home shoppers, placing the reins of their journey firmly in their own hands. This flexibility and ease of process redefine the self-touring experience. However, the real game-changer lies in UTour's pioneering AI Assistants.

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Revolutionizing the Model Home Tour Experience with UTour

By UTour Digital Media Team on Oct 10, 2023 10:22:44 AM

With the rapid advancements in technology, the traditional ways of touring new homes are undergoing a significant transformation. UTour, the leading self-tour platform for the new home industry, has been at the forefront of this change, offering innovative self-guided home tours to enhance the model home experience.

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UTour Hits Major Milestones

By UTour Digital Media Team on Jun 21, 2023 12:28:34 PM

Since our launch in mid-2020, we have been steadfastly committed to redefining the new home shopping experience with our innovative self-touring solutions. Today, we are excited to share a significant milestone that marks our growth and influence in the new home industry.

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Self-Guided Tours: Empowering Homebuilder Sales Teams, Not Replacing Them

By UTour Digital Media Team on May 9, 2023 10:36:07 AM

The real estate industry has seen a significant shift in recent years, with technology playing an increasingly important role in the home buying process, accelerated by COVID-19's impact on consumer behavior. UTour’s self-guided home tour platform is one of these technological innovations to disrupt the traditional process to make home shopping easier, smarter, and more efficient. It helps builders sell more homes and allows home shoppers to find their dream homes on their terms.

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Maximizing Self-Tours: Best Practices for Homebuilders

By UTour Digital Media Team on Apr 3, 2023 12:30:11 PM

The new home industry is continually evolving and embracing technology as homebuilders across the nation embrace offering self-guided tours of their models and inventory homes to generate more verified, quality leads, improve the home shopping experience and overcome staffing issues.

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How OSCs Can Use Self-Tours To Generate More Appointments

By UTour Digital Media Team on Mar 16, 2023 9:42:13 AM

According to Zillow New Construction’s Consumer Housing Trends Report 2023, 69% of new construction buyers in 2022 said they prefer to unlock properties with their mobile phones and tour them in person on their own time. And, 68% said they prefer to schedule in-person tours online.

If the majority of new home shoppers desire to self-tour during their first visit to a community, how can an Online Sales Counselor (OSC) assist in ensuring that self-touring leads schedule an onsite sales appointment?

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How to Integrate UTour Into Your Sales Process

By UTour Digital Media Team on Feb 8, 2023 4:10:57 PM

As a builder, you know that when you provide a great homebuying experience, shoppers purchase more homes. You also know that self-guided tours have revolutionized the homebuying experience for builders and shoppers alike.

But with so many responsibilities and such little time, builders often don’t have the bandwidth to launch a new self-guided tour initiative. We are here to help.

UTour makes it easy for builders like you to offer a truly unrivaled on-demand self-guided tour solution to your shoppers to make their homebuying experience less stressful and more enjoyable. Additionally, UTour provides your sales team with incomparable on-demand insights into the interactions shoppers had with your home, arming you with the information to help you sell more homes.

In order to integrate with UTour, homebuilders only need to follow these five simple steps.

1. Add UTour Technology to Your Homes

Select the desired homes available for self-guided tours. Install a Z-Wave lock plus a UTour Hub or compatible control panel (i.e., Qolsys, Honeywell, 2GIG, etc.) in each home. UTour’s responsive and dedicated support staff can guide your team on the installation process, or we can even handle the installation for you for a small additional fee.

2. Promote UTour Homes Through Your Marketing Materials

Through the UTour Builder Portal, you can generate a community-specific or home-specific QR code and URLs to integrate into your marketing and advertising efforts to engage home shoppers via email, search, signage, social media, etc.

3. Prepare Your Team for Upcoming Tours

Select your team members who will receive automated notifications and reports about your self-guided tours and Visitors. These notifications include Tour Scheduled, Tour Reminder, Tour in Progress, Missed Tour, Tour Complete and more.

4. Review Post-Tour Information

Following each self-tour, your team will receive a detailed report in your CRM system and in the UTour Builder Portal that includes but is not limited to:

  • Complete, verified contact information
  • Tour Duration
  • Locations they self-toured
  • Interaction with the Self-Tour Assistant, if installed


5. Execute Post-Tour Nurture Campaign

After a self-tour is completed, the home shopper receives automated emails and text notifications with your sales team’s contact information. These notifications encourage them to connect with your team to move forward in the home buying process or if they have any questions about the home they just toured.

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Make a Resolution to be Adaptable in 2023

By UTour Digital Media Team on Jan 20, 2023 3:06:40 PM

The conclusion of 2022 was not kind to homebuilders, and if most predictions hold true, the next 12 months look to be challenging as well. While it is natural to turn to past successes when developing your 2023 marketing plan, the current market conditions will dictate a different approach. 

While that may seem to be a negative, all is not lost. New ideas and change may be the very things your marketing plan has been in need of for some time. In fact, it is number one on our list of tips to optimize your marketing plan in the new year. Embrace change to make the new year a success.

Tips to Optimize Your 2023 Marketing Plan

  1. Embrace Change: Change is hard, but the likelihood of limited resources may force marketers like you to be more creative in your planning for the year. So be open to new ideas, different technologies and unique tactics. Embracing change offers the possibility of adopting a new and successful marketing strategy that you otherwise may not have explored. This year offers a great opportunity to be the first builder in your area to adopt a successful new marketing tactic before others do the same.

  2. Know and Understand Your Numbers: While it is important to monitor numbers like lead volumes and advertising metrics, it is just as critical to do a deeper dive to understand lead-to-tour rates, lead-to-appointment rates, appointment-to-sale rates and your local market activity. Knowing that information will only help you spend your marketing dollars and resources more efficiently.

  3. Create Content: Great content is the best way to bolster your paid advertising efforts to convert leads and meaningful sales appointments (and help your sales team overcome buyer objections). If your paid advertising budgets are cut this year, investing the time into creating compelling content should be a winning strategy.

For your marketing plan to be successful in 2023, you will have to sharpen your problem-solving skills and resourcefulness in all areas. As new home marketers, we must embrace this challenge as an opportunity, and in the famous words of Jim Rohn, “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.”

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UTour Welcomes Victor Furnells

By UTour Digital Media Team on Jan 19, 2023 12:11:34 PM

Victor Furnells is the latest addition to the UTour team and joins as its new Vice President of Business Development. His leadership and experience will significantly contribute to UTour’s continuing success within the new home industry. Victor received a degree in Communications from the University of Maryland and has served the production home building industry for over a decade, with various market research companies, including tenure with Meyers Research and Zonda. While at Meyers Research and Zonda, Victor led a successful team that surpassed their respective growth goals and was a frequent industry speaker at various home builder conferences and events.

“Adding a team member of Victor’s caliber in terms of experience, achievement and values is a major milestone for our company,” said Tom Nelson, CEO of UTour. “Victor’s incredible work ethic and track record of excellence in B2B sales will greatly contribute to our mission to disrupt the status quo to make new home shopping easier, smarter and more efficient while helping builders sell more homes.”

If you’re interested in meeting with Victor to discuss how self-guided tours can help you sell more homes, while saving money, pleaseschedule a conversation with Victortoday.

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