The Homebuilder Experience

Our on-demand self-touring platform helps you create a convenient self-tour experience for your home shoppers resulting in more new home sales.

Prior to the Tour

Add UTour Technology to Your Homes

Select the homes that will be available for self-guided tours. Install the digital locks and verify that each is functioning correctly. UTour can guide your team through the installation process or handle the installation for you.


Activate Self-Tours

Via the UTour Builder Portal, activate your UTour-enabled homes and connect the white-labeled scheduling site to your website.


Signage & ILS

Additionally, add our QR codes to your on-site signage. Our integrations with ILSs such as Zillow, and enable home shoppers to schedule self-tours directly from your listings on those sites.

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During the Tour

Monitor Your Self-Tours

Select your team members who will receive automated notifications and reports related to scheduled and completed self-guided tours.


Automated Welcome Engagement

Within minutes of entering the home, the home shopper receives an automated text message via their smartphone, introducing them to a community salesperson and encouraging them to contact that salesperson during or after their tour to discuss next steps.


AI-Powered Sales Presentation

With our optional AI features, an additional automated text message can be delivered by our Self-Tour Assistant chatbot to inform the shopper that they can text questions to the bot and receive automated, instant responses. Likewise, with the optional AI voice feature, motion sensors will activate the Alexa-enabled devices in key rooms of the home as the shopper self-tours the home and visitors can ask questions about the home or community.

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After the Tour

Post-Tour Analysis

After each tour, your team will receive a comprehensive report detailing the home shopper's interaction with the home, and an engagement report highlighting the questions and answers exchanged via the Self-Tour Assistant will be delivered directly to your CRM.


Post-Tour Nurture Campaign

After a tour is completed, UTour will send an email and text inviting the home shopper to contact your sales team or complete a post-tour survey (if applicable).


AtlasRTX Integration

UTour is also integrated with AtlasRTX to automatically deliver post-tour SMS text programs to engage with your visitors at the conclusion of their self-tour.

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