With economic and scheduling factors working against them, more homebuilders are turning to UTour to help them sell inventory homes. 

As we rapidly approach the end of 2022, more and more homebuilders are faced with the unpleasant reality of a high volume of inventory homes available for sale. And while lead volumes remain strong and website activity is high for these builders, ultimately, very few homebuyers are willing to commit to purchasing those homes before the end of the year.

It’s not just the calendar that’s working against homebuilders. The economy isn’t doing them any favors by dealing homebuyers a hand consisting of the highest interest rates in a generation, soaring inflation and the grim specter of a coming recession. Faced with this combination of poor economic factors and a hectic holiday season, many buyers have chosen to sit on the sidelines as they question whether now is the right time to purchase.

Fortunately for both buyers and builders, UTour is here to help. 

UTour is an on-demand interactive self-tour experience that homebuilders can implement in their inventory and model homes to provide homebuyers with the convenience they want and their sales team with the data they deserve. Our self-guided tour platform lets skeptical buyers personally explore new homes on their terms in a no-pressure sales environment. Empowering buyers to self-tour homes when they want and how they want makes it more likely that they'll fall in love with that home and make the decision to buy.

For the homebuilder’s sales team, UTour provides high-quality leads containing information, such as first name, last name, email, telephone number, address and the home(s) homebuyers toured. When a self-tour is complete, tour and buyer data will be immediately pushed to a builder’s CRM system, thanks to UTour’s numerous integrations. The immediacy and quality of this UTour data give builders an invaluable tool that helps them properly gauge a potential buyer’s interest, efficiently follow up and effectively close the sale. 

While homebuilders still face a number of economic issues that will make it challenging to move inventory homes as we enter 2023, UTour remains a powerful tool to help them close sales. Not only does it provide the critical homebuyer information builders need, but UTour also efficiently delivers this data automatically to their CRM systems. The end result? Homebuilders with fewer inventory homes on their books and homebuyers experiencing an improved life by moving into their dream homes faster than ever. 

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