If you’ve been utilizing our self-guided home tours at your communities for a while now, you know that UTour is constantly working to innovate and improve the experience for both homebuilders and home shoppers. Our newest feature continues to do just that. Now, visitors can schedule a self-guided tour reservation that lets them explore multiple homes while using a single entry access code. Here are some of the biggest benefits you’ll see when you launch this feature in your communities:

Creating More Engagement

Ideally, every visit would allow guests to completely immerse themselves in the community. Having just one self-guided tour gives home shoppers a taste for what they can expect, but rarely does your full portfolio of work justice. There are often many more home designs and features at their disposal, and even if you have other UTour-enabled homes visitors may not want to schedule separate reservations due to time constraints.

You never know what home style will resonate with different shoppers, but showcasing multiple styles in one sitting gives you greater opportunity to impress them. An added bonus? While visitors are traveling between homes, they’ll be able to see more of the community itself and get a feel for the surrounding area. It’s a perspective that they might not get to see with a one-and-done tour.

Ultimately, having the ability to add multiple homes to their current tour reservation keeps a home shopper engaged for a longer period of time with the community. But you’re not the only one who benefits from the multi-tour feature — your shoppers will also feel like they are getting the most out of their visit.

Adding More Convenience

Scheduling a multi-tour reservation in UTour is easy. As a home shopper schedules their self-tour for a single home, additional homes available to self-tour at that time will be presented to them before they complete their reservation. Shoppers can schedule up to three tours for homes that have 30-minute default tour durations and up to six homes for homes set to 60-minute default durations (Note: the default duration is selected by the Builder).

Once scheduled, home shoppers will also appreciate the streamlined notification schedule. If they had scheduled multiple tours at separate times, they would receive many of the same reminder messages — one set for each home. With multiple homes combined in one reservation, they won’t have to manage as many text messages and emails and it will be easy to identify the appropriate self-guided tour.

Easy to remember, easy to access and more time to fully appreciate each of the homes they’re self-touring.

Want to learn more about this new feature? Schedule a private demo with our team and we’ll answer all of your questions.