On the heels of noted achievements at The Nationals earlier this year, UTour continues its win streak at the Maryland Building Industry Association’s 2020 MAX Awards. The Maryland Awards of Excellence program recognizes outstanding accomplishments within the homebuilding industry. In competition with some of the best and brightest, UTour pulled away to take home two top awards in the Marketing category.

Outstanding Website

Over the past year, UTour has become one of the most recognizable unattended access providers in the industry. To establish ourselves in the market, developing a polished, comprehensive website was an essential first step. 

The UTour website needed to be informative and user-friendly so that homebuilders could easily ascertain the purpose of the service — as well as the value it would bring their company. This required a seamless UX experience and inviting design elements. 

Another critical component was differentiation. As the most robust on-demand, self-tour solution available on the market, highlighting our wide range of integrations and partnerships helped assure builders that UTour would be easily incorporated into their existing sales structure. 

Whether site visitors want to learn the basics or go step by step through our self-tour automatic notification system, a wealth of information is available at every level. And for any lingering questions, guests have access to an automated chatbot for immediate answers 24/7. 

Outstanding Use of the Internet

UTour’s internet innovation was also well-received at the awards. Working alongside established brands to integrate and create new products has made our services even more valuable to our builder clients. 

Our partnership with provides enhanced security measures in UTour-enabled homes and our partnership with BDX, brings UTour to builder listings via The UTour Voice platform integrates with Amazon Alexa to deliver sales presentations to visitors during tours.

Most recently, we teamed up with AtlasRTX to create TourRTX, an AI chatbot that acts as a Virtual Sales Assistant both during and after self-guided tours. Visitors are able to text in questions at any time for immediate, builder-approved responses.

This is just a sampling of UTour’s innovation — and even more is in the works. “It’s an honor to collaborate regularly with these respected companies,” says UTour CEO Tom Nelson, “We never stop looking for new ways to make self-touring an intuitive, all-inclusive experience for our clients.”

These partnerships and UTour’s flagship technologies have resulted in over 60,000 self-tours, 40,000 leads and 30,000 visitors already recorded for our clients.