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How It

Prior to the Tour


1green A home shopper visits your website and finds a UTour Home.

2green They select a date and time to tour the home.

3green The prospect creates an account and verifies their identity.

4green They receive an email and text message with home details and a digital code to unlock the front door.

5greenAn automated pre-tour nurturing campaign is delivered to the home shopper via email and text. And your sales team is notified that a new tour has been scheduled.


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During the Tour


1green Within minutes of arriving, the prospect receives a text message, encouraging them to reach out to the sales team during or after the tour.

2green With the optional AI voice or chatbot feature, visitors can use Amazon Alexa or their smartphones to ask questions about the home or community.

3green Via the Amazon Echo Show devices, they can watch videos and use live video to connect with a salesperson.

4green Our in-home chatbot offers self-touring visitors the ability to ask questions and receive automated responses via their smartphone — no WiFi or additional hardware required.

5green The home shopper has thirty minutes or one hour to tour the home.


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During the Tour


1green Within minutes of arriving, the prospect receives a text message, encouraging them to reach out to the sales team during or after the tour.

2green With UTour Voice, they can use Amazon Alexa to ask questions about the home or community.

3green Home shoppers can launch Smart Home features available in the home.

4green They can use live video to connect with a salesperson to ask additional questions or request more information.


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After the Tour


1green The entry code expires one hour after the tour’s scheduled start time.

2green An automated email and text message are sent to the prospect, suggesting next steps with your sales team.

3green A detailed report including the visitor’s engagement with the AI technologies during their tour and all associated tour and visitor data is sent to the Builder.

4green The sales team follows your usual process to nurture and convert the prospect.

5greenWith TourRTX, home shoppers can continue to ask questions and engage with the AI chatbot after their self-tour from anywhere. They simply text their questions and get instant, automated answers.


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Self-Tour Online Guides & Resources

Ready to embrace the innovative technology that today’s home shoppers expect? Use the free resources below to learn how UTour is designed to make life easier for both home shoppers and homebuilders. It’s exciting and intuitive, and our team is available to help every step of the way.


See the Home Shopper Experience
See the Homebuilder Experience
OSC Guide to Self-Guided Home Tours
Guide to Model Home Self-Tours
When the COVID-19 pandemic began, homebuilders had to reevaluate and shift technology priorities from “nice to have” to “must have.” This included self-guided tours, which had always been on our roadmap at Mattamy, but we weren’t sure when we would be able to implement them. That’s where UTour came in.
The UTour team went above and beyond to get us onboarded, offering ample support and training for our entire team. They made sure we were fully prepared prior to launch.
UTour’s platform is very intuitive and easy to use, and UTour has also created an automated follow-up campaign to help Mattamy Homes stay closely connected with our self-touring customers.
— Brigette Fahl, Marketing Manager at Mattamy Homes
The UTour development team has been extremely responsive to our requests for updates. They’ve worked diligently to continuously enhance the platform’s functionality, making it clean and easy to use for our admins and local teams at every level.
UTour has allowed us to improve the home shopping experience and has made things easier for our internal team as well as the home shopper. And we’re already seeing results. Allowing prospective homebuyers to self-tour our homes has resulted in 33 sales so far.
Most notably, we were able to sell a multi-million dollar home that hadn’t had activity in months.
— Trish Welch at K. Hovnanian Companies, LLC
We could not be more pleased with the addition of UTour. It has quickly become a proven tool — our very first tour resulted in a sale! From the set-up process to the launch, the team was extremely responsive and helpful. The integration with our CRM and the built-in UTour follow-up has been seamless.
We chose UTour over other self-tour options because of the smart design and functionality it offered. It is clear that the developers carefully considered the needs of homebuilders, including CRM integrations, home listing integrations, security integrations and follow-up. They thought of everything!
One of the most exciting aspects of UTour has to be the reporting — it is easy to analyze and customize the tour data. UTour has been a game changer and we have seen steady tour demand outside of our normal office hours. Plus, the real-time updates make it easy for our team to stay informed and prepared for each tour.
If you make one investment in new technology this year, I would highly recommend UTour.
— Valerie Heritage, Marketing Director at Simmons Homes
Our sales process has become more streamlined and we’ve seen overall improvements since partnering with UTour. They offered a straightforward integration with Lasso, our CRM system, so our sales team was able to adapt quickly and identify key prospects.
Through self-touring, home shoppers are able to qualify us as a suitable builder for them, accelerating the traditional sales process. UTour allows us to meet the demands of modern home shoppers and create a personalized buying experience.
We’re seeing our prospects connect on an emotional level — without a salesperson present. We recently had two sales conversions where the shopper began their journey with a self-tour and later came directly to our sales team ready to purchase a similar floor plan.
UTour has supercharged sales team productivity.
— Anthony Kent, Vice President at Cothran Homes
UTour is a safe, trusted system that has increased our efficiency immensely. Especially throughout COVID-19, it’s been an essential tool that’s helped us safely accommodate social distancing protocol while continuing to serve our customers. It’s really helped control traffic in our main model.
Their platform is user-friendly for both our home shoppers and sales team to navigate. On the backend, information was pulled in directly from our website. UTour also integrated flawlessly with our CRM system to ensure all of our new leads were logged into Lasso.
With self-guided tours, it’s like we have a silent salesperson always working to capture . And our home shoppers love the additional freedom to experience our homes after hours when site agents aren’t there. It’s been a win-win.
The UTour team has answered all of our questions diligently and thoroughly — WONDERFUL customer service!
— The Sales and Marketing Team at Chesapeake Homes