Self-guided new home tour revolutionaries UTour and AtlasRTX have just launched TourRTX, a comprehensive new AI chatbot tool that takes communication with potential buyers to the next level. 

New In-Home Chatbot Powered by UTour and AtlasRTX Further Automates Communication with Qualified Prospects

Directly through the visitors’ own smartphones or tablets — meaning no required WiFi or Amazon Alexa installation in the homes — TourRTX answers questions during the visitors’ self-tours, provides key information at points throughout the home and allows them to connect directly with live sales representatives if they choose. 

Think of TourRTX as the Virtual Sales Assistant that never takes a day off. This enhanced AI tool allows up to 90% of prospective buyers’ “homework” to take place prior to interpersonal contact with sales staff, yet your sales team can monitor the system’s interactions with self-touring shoppers to follow the most well-qualified leads. The TourRTX system can also help the sales team nurture the relationship with these high-quality prospective homebuyers through scheduled outreach contact. 

This latest enhancement in self-guided new home tours allows sales staff to put even more time into filtering out unqualified leads and building relationships with top prospects. For home shoppers, it further polishes the new home sales experience they want… information gained and new homes visited on their own schedules and their own terms. TourRTX provides even more control, knowledge and empowerment for shoppers and sales staff alike, and builds solid trust in your brand based on the prospective buyers’ total sales experience.