Technological innovations are always on the rise, and they continue to grow in popularity through the years. What once were features used exclusively on the most advanced homes are becoming more accessible to the masses today. This shift indicates that while these features were historically considered luxury upgrades, they are now becoming expectations for modern home shoppers. But is it worth it for you to build smart homes? Yes — and not just to keep your homebuyers happy — the technology can help you manage the historic lead volumes during the sales process. Here’s how.

Boost Productivity

Smart home devices undoubtedly aid homeowners with menial daily tasks — giving them more time to relax with friends and family. But smart home devices can also offer time savings for your sales team if you introduce them into your model homes. For example, Amazon Alexa devices can engage in Q&A sessions with home shoppers, addressing their most pressing questions with consistent, pre-approved responses, all while leaving your sales team time to devote to more meaningful and nuanced customer interactions.

Reduce Costs

In a pre-sale environment, builders can automate adjustments to lighting and temperature accordingly when the home is not available for in-person or self-guided tours, leading to valuable energy savings. This smart home automation technology can also be used to integrate self-guided tours into your sales process, making your homes accessible to potential buyers without requiring additional sales staffing. Once a home is sold, homeowners can use the same devices and automation features to continue the savings and enjoy the peace of mind these technologies provide.

Maximize Your Return

Self-guided tours are also an essential smart home feature for builders. Home shoppers appreciate the added freedom, and you can expand your hours without hiring additional staff. Plus, UTour’s industry-leading self-tour service has the unique ability to integrate with all of your other favorite smart home technologies from iDevices, Qolsys, Schlage, Kwikset, Alexa-enabled devices and many more. So your home shoppers can see the full potential of your homes while you enjoy smart home benefits of your own.