The current new home buying process is outdated and full of friction points that cause many potential home buyers to abandon their new home search or purchase a resale home. Driven by COVID-19’s lasting impact on consumer behavior, the importance of a “self-service” and “no-contact” experience makes self-guided home tours a critical sales tool for home builders.

A recent survey of home shoppers from the Zillow Consumer Housing Trends Report 2020 revealed:

64% said they are more likely to tour a new home if they don’t have to meet with a salesperson immediately. 

51% said they would be more likely to tour a new home if they could do so before or after business hours. 

These may sound like obstacles. But with UTour, they’re opportunities. 

Today’s home shoppers, of all ages, but particularly Millennials, want more convenience, less sales pressure and an overall experience that gives them more control. 

By making UTour an integral part of your selling experience, you can:

Reach a New Segment of Home Shoppers

As the majority of new home shoppers prefer to avoid engaging with salespeople on their first visit, a self-guided tour helps clear this initial hurdle. Self-guided tours help you connect with new prospects who may never have visited otherwise at a “next step” in the contact process.

Offer the Convenience of On-Demand Access

Today’s home shoppers have busy schedules, and they may not align with the homebuilder’s sales center hours, which are often limited to 10am to 6pm. UTour allows home shoppers to enjoy interactive, self-guided tours of new homes, models and sales centers on their schedule, even early mornings or late evenings at the builder’s discretion.

Empower Your New Home Sales Team

With UTour, your sales hours are greatly expanded, yet your sales team doesn’t have to be personally accessible at every minute. The platform’s optional, automated Alexa-powered voice and TourRTX chatbot services can provide home shoppers with instant responses to frequently asked questions and your salespeople can monitor the self-tour process in real-time — anytime — or receive automated reports from the system that give them actionable insights into each visitor.

The times are not changing — they have changed. Change with them and reach homebuyers how they want. Check out our service tiers today and see which self-guided tour solution is best for your business.