There are few sales cycles more arduous than that of new homes. Due to the nature of such a large-scale investment, purchasing a new home requires an extensive courting process. Over the course of this journey, there are inevitably bumps along the road. Luckily, there are tools at your disposal to help overcome these obstacles and give your home shoppers the experience they crave.

One common issue we’re seeing more of today is builders surpassing capacity due to overwhelming interest. Read on to learn how UTour can ensure you continue to build leads even when inventory is low: 

Record Volumes of Leads, Appointments and Sales?

While seemingly the opposite of a problem at first glance, the soaring interest within the industry is starting to overwhelm many sales teams. Today’s unprecedented market conditions have created a perfect storm, turning what was first seen as a blessing into a burden as home builders struggle to keep up with demand. When interested home shoppers start to outpace your team’s capacity, the quality, customer-centric sales experience you’ve worked diligently to create may begin to crumble.

Help Manage the Influx of Interest 

UTour can be deployed to help manage the sudden influx of traffic to augment the bandwidth of your sales team. The platform allows interactive self-tours to take place in your model homes so that your team can dedicate their time to leads who are further along in the sales funnel. Your salespeople are also able to monitor the self-tour in real-time or receive automated reports from the system that give them actionable insights into each visitor. In this way, UTour acts as a Virtual Assistant that never takes a day off and allows home shoppers to advance themselves through the sales process.

This is just one of four major problems we see permeating the homebuilding industry today. Stay tuned to learn about the other three issues, and how UTour can help solve them.