From seeking a digital-first experience for browsing new home plans to signing remote contracts, today’s new home buyer behavior is often boiled down to one driving attribute — sales avoidance. It’s how they prefer to shop for everything else, so why not a new home? Most buyers, and especially millennial homebuyers, do not want to go through a one-on-one siloed experience with a salesperson. They want instant access. They want convenience. They want transparency. That’s where UTour comes in, providing instant access to schedule and tour a home on their terms.  

Now, where UTour goes above and beyond other unattended access providers is with our signature UTour Voice program. This approach can combine the best parts of the personalized buying experience that only your sales team can provide without the pressure that today’s consumers want to avoid. 

Utilize the UTour Voice Amazon Skill

Our voice program was developed to comprehensively answer the most common questions buyers have when they’re touring your homes through an Alexa device. It can tell them about included features, community HOAs, available home designs, school districts and more. The answers to these questions can be easily personalized for your homes and communities through our web-based Builder Portal. It’s all conveniently packaged for you on the Amazon Skill Store. 

UTour Voice Complements Your Sales Process

One hour after a UTour self-guided tour ends, the members of your sales team who are assigned to that particular home will receive a roll-up report to their email. This UTour Voice report provides information on who toured the property and the duration of the tour — and gives you a rundown of every question the shoppers asked the Alexa in the home. Equipped with this information, your sales team is perfectly positioned for their follow-up communication with this home shopper. 

The UTour Voice Report will also illustrate the success rate of the Alexa device returning the correct information to your home shoppers’ questions, allowing you to troubleshoot and add additional responses for frequently asked questions within the UTour Builder Portal. 

Personalize Their UTour Voice Experience

UTour Voice allows multiple touchpoints for you to help shoppers enjoy a self-guided experience free of direct pressure. Using the UTour Builder Portal, you can upload branded graphics or photos to be used as background images while Alexa returns responses to questions. You can also compile images into a moving carousel to provide eye-catching motion on the device while the Alexa Skill is not being directly asked a question. 

Sales avoidance is a powerful trend as more home shoppers become resistant to a hard-sell approach. But outright combatting sales avoidance shouldn’t be our industry’s response. Instead, we should be focusing on providing a customer-centric solution that allows shoppers to determine their new home journey for themselves. With the right integration of UTour self-guided home tours and UTour Voice capabilities, you can provide a user-friendly experience that benefits prospective buyers and returns data-driven insights to you into their specific wants and needs. By the time that home shopper walks in the door to meet with a sales representative, your team is better equipped than ever to close the sale.