With some of the biggest names in home building and resale homes alike adopting self-guided home tours, it’s clear that self-service solutions are quickly becoming the norm for how people shop for a home. Today, builders across North America are allowing shoppers to self-tour their models and inventory homes to great acclaim. But — like with anything in customer service — along with every solution, a new challenge is sure to emerge. How can a builder ensure each home shopper receives a consistent, quality experience during the self-guided tour? How can a builder control the flow of information that their shoppers are receiving as they go about their tour unassisted?

Since its inception, our UTour Essential platform has been the benchmark for effective self-guided tours. As technologies evolve and adoption increases, we are committed to ensuring our platform evolves to meet the needs of home shoppers and home builders alike, helping more prospective home buyers find their dream home AND helping homebuilders by bringing more home shoppers to your door. And now,  we’re thrilled to offer a robust collection of enhancements that can take your self-guided tour program to the next level and ensure a consistently exceptional experience with your brand every step of the way. 

Make A Connection With UTour Voice

Developed to work with Amazon Alexa, UTour Voice takes our base-level UTour Essential service for on-demand access and enhances the home shopper’s self-tour experience through interactions with Amazon Alexa devices located in the new home. Rather than interacting directly with off-site sales staff through texts or a phone call, self-touring prospects can ask questions from the Alexa virtual assistant, which is preloaded with answers to the most frequent questions about the home, community and local area.

With UTour Voice, you’ll also receive a digital report following a self-tour detailing what questions shoppers asked, how long the tour lasted, and an assessment of how accurately the Alexa AI system responded. Additional enhancements like interactive video through Amazon Echo Show devices can also push engagement further, from reinforcing a builder’s brand image with on-screen imagery to connecting with remote sales staff via a video call.

UTour Voice not only supports the sales process, it also embodies the future and helps showcase other smart home technologies you may have installed in your homes. If you’re a tech-forward home builder and innovation is a big part of your brand, then the combination of unattended access and a consistent message via our on-demand AI voice technology offers the ideal home shopping experience for your potential home buyers.

Keep Buyers Engaged with The TourRTX Chatbot

Developed in partnership with the industry’s leading chatbot developer, AtlasRTX, TourRTX is the newest feature to our self-guided tour platform. This AI-powered chatbot communicates with home shoppers to provide instant answers and information via their smartphone while self-touring — in over 100 languages.

As they self-tour a home, the home shoppers will receive an SMS text message introducing them to the chatbot and allowing the shoppers to ask questions through text messaging via their smartphone. The bot will automatically reply with responses that can be fully customized by the builder via UTour’s Client Portal. Going further, a salesperson can monitor the chatbot engagement in real-time and has the ability to join the messaging to personally engage with the shopper during their self-tour.

TourRTX continues to work after a self-guided tour, too. The home shopper can re-engage with the chatbot anytime after their tour via their smartphone to continue asking questions about your homes and communities.

UTour’s self-guided home tours platform is revolutionizing the modern home buying experience and is a critical sales tool for home builders. With these new enhancements, combining on-demand access and AI voice and chatbot technologies, UTour reduces friction in the sales process and makes home shopping easier, smarter and more efficient.

Still unsure if self-touring is right for your business? Our team is ready to discuss your specific needs and demonstrate how our platform can help. We’d love to hear from you