UTour’s builder partners know that the 60-minute self-guided tour has been our standard offering since launching. But just because something is tried and true doesn’t mean we’re going to stop innovating. 

Recently, we’ve been seeing more and more builders supplementing their model home staffing with self-guided tours — enabling UTour for safe, self-guided tour availability after normal sales center hours. While going fully self-service is not for everyone, it’s been a successful evolution for many homebuilders in a variety of markets. So successful in fact, that builders want to offer a greater number of tour availability each day in order to reach more home shoppers. 

So we’re introducing a new, shorter tour time that will let you maximize every minute. We just launched our 30-minute self-tour duration option. Here’s what you need to know about the new feature: 

Will 30-Minute Tours Make Visitors Feel Rushed? 

While this cuts the original self-guided tour time in half, 30 minutes is still plenty of time to explore and engage with a home. In fact, UTour’s compiled data of self-guided tours to date reveals that the average tour time is around 15 minutes. 

If the majority of visitors are sticking to the average tour time, most will still have an abundance of time to explore the home — at their pace — in a 30-minute time period. And moving from an hour to half an hour will double the number of available self-guided tour appointments each day. 

Giving tour-goers a more realistic time estimate for their self-tour could also give them the time they need to self-tour other homes that day. Or, they may use the extra free time to walk around the community and the neighboring area. 

What if 30-Minute Tour Times Don’t Work For Us? 

The shortened self-tour option might not be the perfect solution for each builder — and that’s ok. The 30-minute duration option is just that, an option. You are able to adjust the duration of your self-guided tours at any time, for any reason. 

So if you get feedback that visitors are in fact feeling rushed, you can make quick adjustments. It might even be a good idea to test drive both times and see which one is a better fit for your team and your communities. 

The best part? Self-tour duration can be customized at any level in the Builder Portal: Division, Community and even down to the home. So if you want to be consistent across the board or give more time to a specific home, you’re able to. 

Want to learn more about the new 30-minute duration feature? Schedule a demo with our team to get a private walkthrough and have your questions answered.