Starting in May of this year, rising interest rates, record-setting inflation and increased home prices have understandably made home shoppers nervous about pulling the trigger on buying a new home. However, the data tells us that home search activity remains strong despite this shift in the market. While homebuilders continue to market and advertise to meet their sales goals for the end of the year, they should consider utilizing solutions like UTour that allow their buyers to control their home shopping experience and commit when ready. 

A “No Pressure” Sales Environment

Home buyers want to tour a new home without a salesperson so they can experience the home on their terms and feel confident before taking the next step. With UTour, potential buyers can schedule a self-tour that fits their schedule and can even book numerous home tours if they choose to. If they have any questions during their self-tour of the home, they can contact a salesperson directly. UTour empowers home shoppers to start the buying process when they are ready, which is more important than ever with the current climate.

Quantity AND Quality 

When using UTour, the quality of prospective homebuyer leads that self-tour homes are much higher than traditional “eLeads” — even if home shoppers are looking more casually for a home. Traditional internet leads only provide minimal information such as a name, an email address and, occasionally, a phone number.

With UTour, when a home shopper clicks the “Schedule a Self-Tour” button on a builder's website or an integrated ILS listing such as Zillow, they are directed to a white-labeled scheduling site to select a date and time to self-tour the home. As part of the self-tour scheduling process, UTour requires each visitor to register and verify their identity with a government-issued photo ID (e.g., driver’s license) or a credit/debit card. In addition, authentication of their mobile phone number is also required. 

This visitor registration allows UTour to provide a comprehensive data record for every visitor including​​ their self-tour history and accurate contact information so your team can connect with them.

UTour also boasts an open ecosystem, meaning that the platform seamlessly integrates with many CRM software systems. When UTour integrates with a builder’s CRM system, Tour and Visitor data can be ingested directly into their CRM system in real-time.

Join the UTour Ranks

Since its inception, UTour has represented the industry’s most robust on-demand self-tour solution and builders have taken notice of this. Many of the top builders in the United States and Canada have utilized UTour to help their customers confidently, and conveniently, access their new homes and have meaningful conversations with a salesperson when they're ready to move forward. With the list of builders continuing to grow to meet the needs of homebuyers in a changing market, utilizing UTour has become a valuable, and expected, tool in the new home sales experience.

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