Every new home community follows a cycle — it might be 9 months or 5 years depending on the number of homes and a wide variety of factors — but the cycle is well known to homebuilders. A model home opens, a grand opening is celebrated. A few months later new homesites are released and the sales pace continues steadily. Then, at a certain point, you approach the end of the road: final opportunities. Your community has a few spec homes left, maybe a to-be-built homesite or two and the model is listed for sale.

Do you keep the sales office fully staffed? Or do you reallocate your human capital to other communities? Do you struggle with selling a model home that, filled with your best features, is priced above your general target audience for that same community?

These are just a few of the stumbling blocks that can appear when a community reaches its close-out phase. You and your team are ready to move on to the next big project, but you have a few homes that still need attention before you can walk away.

This space is where UTour excels at maximizing your flexibility, so you can pull resources to new projects and reduce overhead at a close-out community. Here are the ways that UTour can help you close out and move on:

Introduce Interactive, On-Demand Tours

After installing UTour on the final spec homes and model, you can invite home shoppers to tour these homes on their schedule, day or night. Not only will this help you potentially reach an entirely new segment of home shoppers, but you won’t be tied down to having multiple members of your team on-site at every moment of the day.

Utilize UTour Voice

With UTour Voice, home shoppers are able to use Amazon Alexa or Google Home to ask questions about the home or community, launch smart home features and use live video to connect with a salesperson to ask additional questions or request more information. This step could provide the leverage you need to remove all sales staff from the site. Set up an online sales counselor to manage live video inquiries, and just like that, the entire sales process can be done remotely.

Think you need a salesperson on-site to finish that hard sell? Think again. Today’s consumers expect more convenience and less sales pressure, and we believe you’ll like the results when you meet your consumer where they are. When your customers enjoy a better experience and you can reduce overhead during the final sales of a close-out community, it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Want to learn more about how UTour self-guided home tours can help you close out your final-opportunity communities more efficiently and effectively? Visit our website or give us a call at (800) 621–0592.