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The Benefit of Automated Home Tours

By UTour Digital Media Team on Oct 13, 2020 9:34:51 AM

Customers are more than just the result of successful marketing — they should be at the center of all you do, and your automation should bolster that relationship. The key is in using automation to reduce the friction between your customer and your business.

You are probably familiar with some level of automation in your sales and marketing funnel already, whether you’re using a CRM to manage your customer’s journey or email automation to engage with new leads. But did you know that you can fully automate your physical home tour process and reap the benefits?

It’s true, a good salesperson might close effectively. But your sales center’s business hours aren’t always convenient for every home shopper, and a salesperson can’t be in multiple places at once. Similar to how you might already use automation to eliminate the legwork of email follow-ups, UTour’s self-tour solution can automate your touring experience so more people can schedule the tours they want, both quickly and on their own time.

In fact, we recently surveyed home buyers using sources from several national and regional home builders as well as the Washington Post to get insight on the way home shoppers are searching today.

51% say they would be more likely to tour a home if they could do so before or after business hours. 43% of home buyers say they are more likely to tour a home if they do not have to meet with a salesperson immediately.

The results are clear and the reality shows us that consumers are demanding flexibility and convenience. By automating your home tour process with UTour, you can meet your customers right when they’re ready, and not a moment too soon.

Thanks to a new partnership with AtlasRTX, we can take home tour automation a step further. We’ve integrated UTour with AtlasRTX’s popular AI-powered chatbot platform to combine the convenience of unaccompanied home tours with automated engagement during and after the home tour. The result: a comprehensive, automated sales system that produces immediate results for home sellers.

Here’s How It Works

Once a prospective home buyer schedules a self-guided tour through the builder’s website, they will access the home with a digital code provided by UTour. Once the tour is complete, UTour triggers AtlasRTX’s chatbot program to connect with home visitors via chat. Homebuilders and sellers can thus automatically engage home visitors, obtaining valuable quantitative and qualitative feedback about their visit. Chat details can be made available in sellers’ CRM systems via API integration.

Ready to learn more about this all-in-one automated home tour solution? Learn more about the partnership between UTour and AtlasRTX here.