With the rapid advancements in technology, the traditional ways of touring new homes are undergoing a significant transformation. UTour, the leading self-tour platform for the new home industry, has been at the forefront of this change, offering innovative self-guided home tours to enhance the model home experience.

The Dual Challenge

While the concept of self-touring has been a boon for builders, allowing an unlimited number of visitors to tour model homes during sales center hours, it hasn't been without its challenges. UTour's earlier platform was designed to offer private self-tours, which meant only one visitor could self-tour at a given time slot. This created limitations for builders wishing to offer both experiences (unlimited self-tour visitors during sales center hours AND private self-tours after hours) in their model homes.

Moreover, in a scenario where a community has a model home park (a cluster of 2 to 10 model homes in a specific section), the single-access rule meant that only one visitor could self-tour at a time. This often led to potential buyers leaving the community without touring the model homes, especially if they didn't want to wait for the next available slot.

A Solution Tailored for Modern Needs

Recognizing these challenges, UTour has introduced a new platform release to offer two distinct types of self-guided tours for model homes:

  1. Private Tours: This is the standard UTour process, where only one visitor can self-tour before or after the sales center open hours (either early mornings before the sales center opens or in the evenings after the sales center closes, ensuring a personalized experience.
  2. Public Tours: A public self-tour occurs during sales center hours within a model home for one or more models. These self-tours allow for unlimited, multiple visitors during self-tour hours using a single, daily assigned access code, catering to the high demand during sales center hours.

Streamlining the Registration Process

Another challenge that surfaced was the registration process. Most builders already have a lead registration form in their sales centers, typically on touchscreens or kiosks. Asking visitors to register again on the UTour platform seemed redundant. Moreover, the photo ID verification process was limited to tablets or smartphones, making it incompatible with the sales center's devices.

To address this, UTour has streamlined the registration process. Now, a home shopper can simply visit the sales center, get informed about the self-tour option, and register using the builder's preferred device. Once registered, they receive a unique access code via text and email, granting them entry to all model homes they wish to view.

Visitors can also scan the QR code displayed on the model home's signage, bypassing the sales center visit. Depending on the time, the platform dynamically offers either a public self-tour experience during operational hours or a private one after hours.

Embracing the Future of Home Shopping

With these enhancements, UTour has truly revolutionized the model home self-tour experience, addressing the friction points of the previous experience to allow more daily self-tour visitors in each of your model homes.

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