By now, you’ve heard how self-guided home tours –– also known as “unattended access” –– are changing the way builders market, show and sell new homes. Maybe you’re thinking about offering these tours for your potential homebuyers.

Here’s what you need to know: Not all self-guided tour platforms are created equal. UTour rises above the rest with 5 Essential Features that no other platform offers. 

1. UTour Works with a Variety of Smart Locks

Where other unattended access platforms will confine you to using their single proprietary lock, UTour is far more flexible. Our system works with Z-Wave locks from a cross-section of leading manufacturers, including Yale, Schlage and Kwikset. 

You can purchase your locks directly from your existing hardware vendors. From there, we’ll help you connect the lock to your UTour hub, and you’re ready to welcome your first visitors for self-guided tours!

2. No App Required

Other platforms make your prospects take the added step of downloading a separate mobile app to schedule their tours. With UTour, the entire shopping and scheduling experience is seamlessly integrated with your existing website – and it’s easily responsive from desktop to tablet to mobile.

Why does that matter? It means you won’t be losing prospects who don’t want another app on their phone or simply avoid downloading the app. When they see a home they want to tour, all they have to do is click a button and start the process. It doesn’t get any easier.

3. Voice Technology for a Fully Interactive Home Tour

UTour is the only platform that integrates AI-powered voice technology through Amazon Alexa. That’s important because now the prospect isn’t just seeing the home on their own –– they’re getting a full, consistent sales presentation, too. 

With Alexa devices throughout the home, they can ask questions about the home, the community or the builder. You’ll recommend questions and deliver customized answers. They can even launch smart home features with the sound of their voice. 

The result is a more informed, engaged lead delivered to your sales team.

4. Automations & Integrations Make Everything Easier

We’re going to get a little technical here, but only so you don’t have to. UTour’s repeatable and scalable infrastructure uses various data integration techniques (i.e., API, webhooks, XML feeds, etc.) to seamlessly connect with the third-party applications that homebuilders nationwide use every day. 

So if you use applications like, BDX Live, Salesforce, Lasso CRM, Hubspot or AtlasRTX, our integrations will automate the data flow, saving your team from countless hours of busywork. It frees up your sales team for more important things –– like closing the sale.

5. Open Ecosystem for Unlimited Enhancements

UTour never stops evolving and innovating. As you read this, we’re hard at work arranging future integrations with several industry leaders in smart home automation, security and AI conversational messaging solutions. So what can you expect? 

Future capabilities include automated arming and disarming of monitored security systems to keep your homes secure at all times, plus automated temperature and lighting controls to ensure the home is ready for self-guided tours. Also in development is an in-home messaging experience to provide home, community and builder information via an automated AI chatbot through a partnership with AtlasRTX.

That’s only the beginning. We’re just getting started. Schedule your demo today and bring more buyers to your door.