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LA PLATA, Maryland, June 8, 2020 — The home buying experience is evolving to meet consumer demands, thanks to a new partnership that integrates AtlasRTX’s popular AI-powered chatbot platform with UTour’s interactive, self-guided home tours. By combining the convenience of unaccompanied home tours with automated engagement during and after the home tour, UTour and AtlasRTX have created a sales system that produces immediate results for home sellers.

Buyers today are shopping for homes the same way they shop for everything else: online and via text. Successful home sellers are facilitating this demand with technologies that make the home buying experience seamless. In the process, homebuilders can create more intimate relationships with their customers.

UTour offers homebuilders the opportunity to introduce interactive, self-guided tours of model and inventory homes, whether or not a community sales office is open. AtlasRTX provides automated,  text-based follow-up with buyers to establish a valuable communication channel with prospects.

Once a prospective home buyer schedules a self-guided tour through the builder’s website, they will access the home with a digital code provided by UTour.  Once the tour is complete, UTour triggers AtlasRTX’s chatbot program to connect with home visitors via chat. Homebuilders and sellers can thus automatically engage home visitors, obtaining valuable quantitative and qualitative feedback about their visit. Chat details can be made available in sellers’ CRM systems via API integration.

Planned enhancements for the UTour and AtlasRTX integration include on-demand, two-way conversations between salespeople and home visitors during the home tour.

Together, UTour and AtlasRTX create a complete model or inventory home experience that both satisfies the self-service demands of today’s home buyer and creates a more personal and valuable connection between salespeople and buyers.

“I’m thrilled to see this partnership coming together,” UTour founder Tom Nelson said. “It’s a natural fit because the services we provide complement each other so well. We’re both focused on serving the homebuilder by creating a better experience for their customers.”

In a recent UTour survey of home buyers sourced from several national and regional homebuilders and The Washington Post, 51% say they would be more likely to tour a home if they could do so before or after business hours. 43% of home buyers say they are more likely to tour a home if they do not have to meet with a salesperson immediately. “UTour was specifically developed to meet this demand,” noted Nelson.

“AtlasRTX’s own homebuilding clients are also seeing more than half of their total engagements happen outside business hours, and we take pride in our ability to be the on-brand representative of the seller day or night,” says AtlasRTX CEO Bassam Salem. According to Salem, AI-powered, automated chatbot technology is the key to ensuring that you get insights on each homebuyer’s visit. “Without a chatbot serving as a sales assistant, unattended home visitors just walk away, leaving you with no idea of the next best step the visitor is expecting.”

Best of all, 98% of outgoing AtlasRTX messages are read within two minutes and they deliver an up to 70% response rate. AtlasRTX reports up to a 50% reduction in “contact-to-contract” time for some homebuilders.

Founded in 2016 in Park City, UT, AtlasRTX is the leading AI-powered chatbot provider, developing sophisticated Real-Time Experience (RTX) programs for global enterprise organizations such as HPE, Dell Technologies, and Purdue University, among others. AtlasRTX’s RTX platform combines advanced AI chatbots, messaging, and human-augmented engagement to transform the way firms connect with and delight their customers.

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