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Homebuilder Experience

Add UTour Technology
to Your Homes

Select the homes that will be available for self-guided tours. Install the digital locks and ensure that each is functioning properly. UTour can guide your team on the installation process or we can handle the installation for you

Add UTour Homes to Your Website

Provide UTour with your available home listings. This can be done in one of two ways:

You can provide us with a data feed so that your homes will be automatically updated in the UTour content management system.

You can manually add each new home into the CMS.

Provide UTour with your available home listings. This can be done in one of two ways:

Prepare Your Team for
Upcoming Tours

Select your team members who will receive notifications and automated reports related to scheduled and completed self-guided tours.

Notifications include: Tour Scheduled, Tour Reminder, Missed Tour and Tour Complete. You’ll also need to assign a sales team member to be available by phone should home shoppers need to reach them during the tour.

Review Post-Tour Information

Following each tour, your team will receive a detailed report of the home shopper’s interaction with the home. You can also review visitor information via your Builder Dashboard or your CRM, if integrated.

Execute Post-Tour
Nurture Campaign

After a tour is completed, UTour will send an email and text inviting the home shopper to complete a post-tour survey. UTour will also send two additional emails and texts inviting the home shopper to reach out to your sales team. Following those messages, you can proceed with your preferred prospect-nurturing campaign.